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Women in Communications, Inc. (WICI)


Press release announcing WICI’s 85th Anniversary.

This press release was one component in a public relations campaign that brought recognition to the rich heritage and contributions of WICI. Other campaign elements included a 20-page history booklet, a traveling history exhibit, and the creation of National Communications Mentoring Month.

The anniversary campaign received extensive coverage in the national and trade press and was officially recognized in the Congressional Record.

sample copy

“Women in Communications, Inc. Celebrates 85th Anniversary” (headline)

Women in Communications, Inc. (WICI) today announced the kickoff of its 85th anniversary campaign. The campaign theme, “Extending the Legacy: Building on 85 Years,” reflects WICI's contributions to the communications industry, as well as the organization’s continued commitment to its founding principles.

WICI was founded in 1909 by seven female journalism students at the University of Washington in Seattle to promote the advancement in all fields of communications, to work for First Amendment rights and responsibilities of communicators, to recognize distinguished professional achievements, and to promote high professional standards throughout the communications industry.

WICI’s anniversary campaign will feature National Communications Mentoring Month, to be held in October. During that month, WICI members throughout the country will speak to students in their communities about communications careers, communications education, and the importance of mentoring. Some students will also have an opportunity to “shadow” professional members for a day on the job.

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